Hey Kids! Vulnerability is Cool! One of the new things I did in 2019 was confess my feelings to a guy I liked without knowing for a fact that he felt the same way. Another first? Getting friendzoned. (holla) And while y’all might be like “agh bummer! so sorry! the friend zone is the worst!” […]


My 2020 Vision

The moon says the new year starts now, so Happy (Lunar) New Year! It also gave me the satisfaction of not feeling bad about procrastinating my 2019 review/2020 goals, so holla at ya moon. The title of this blog post is misleading, this is more like a “year in review” post for 2019, but “My […]


Toxic Positivity: It’s OK to be Goo

I get that toxic is a ~trendy~ word right now that nobody takes seriously, but hear me out. Toxic positivity is real. And contradictory for positive mental/emotional growth and development. I think we’ve created this culture of positivity that can help some people while simultaneously harming others. And that’s what I want to address today: […]