Toxic Positivity: It’s OK to be Goo

I get that toxic is a ~trendy~ word right now that nobody takes seriously, but hear me out. Toxic positivity is real. And contradictory for positive mental/emotional growth and development. I think we’ve created this culture of positivity that can help some people while simultaneously harming others. And that’s what I want to address today: […]


I Wanna Get Better

How soon after a suicidal period are you allowed to talk about it without people getting weird and worried about you? Is five months long enough? It’s World Mental Health Day, and heckfest is gonna talk about it. cuz folx, living every day when you hate living is a heckfest. I’m a real big advocate […]


all dayers are rough

I’ve been at my new job as a content marketing writer for a full month now and I’ve already written about some wack stuff. The weirdest thing I’ve had to advertise? Death and trauma scene cleanup, probably. Didn’t ever think about that being a market but I guess it makes sense… Anyway. Something that unemployed […]